Tuesday, January 4, 2011

List of Reasons to choose a daycare

This list will likely grow over time. I am excited to see what suggestions you have for it in the comments.

There are many different reasons to choose a daycare, and a good grid would be a useful tool to compare different premises. Below is a quick list that will hopefully help a parent evaluate daycares and giver proprietors a list of goals to improve upon as they establish a quality organization.

  • Price
  • Cleanliness
  • Number of children per teacher / employee
  • Proximity to house
  • Proximity to employer
  • Sponsorship by employer
  • Educational Items
  • Field Trips taken
  • Volunteer hours required (ie for chaperone for field trips)
  • Payment options
  • Technology used to manage
  • Safety
  • Technology used for safety
  • Staff Credentials
  • Owner Credentials
  • Flexibility with price
  • Flexibility with pickup / drop off times

This list definitley deserves some more focus, but should serve as a good initial list as you search for daycares or establish your own daycare.

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