Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Teachers (Elementary, Secondary) and daycare needs

I saw a question the other day asking what elementary, junior high, and high school teachers do for daycares. After all, they won't necessarily need the daycare services each summer and won't want to pay to hold the spot during the summer break.

There a few options for the teacher:
  • Sometimes it can become a second job during the summer-- daycares may need more help because more children will be in need of daycare services when school is not in.
  • Other times, the daycare may want to operate during similar months to public schools and prefer to serve teachers with that same schedule.
  • It isn't uncommon for secondary institutions to offer daycare services. This allows the teenage students to learn about child development and the different teaching professions.
  • The teacher may also contract for the 9 month period. Chances are, an education professional is going to be understanding (and thus easier) client to serve. A daycare does have an interest in keeping easy to serve clients even if the schedule isn't year round.

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