Friday, December 10, 2010

Start an at home daycare in Maine

How do I run a daycare out of my home in Maine?

This answer is focusing on the bare minimum daycare requirements for Maine. It better answers the question, "How do I run a daycare in my home in Maine and have the least amount of government certification necessary?"

It makes sense why you would ask this. You want to run a small business, but don't want a lot of organizational headaches. Looking at the regulation, for the state of Maine, it seems the magical number is 2.

If you look on Maine's Child Care licensing page, the Rules for Family Child Care Providers document states that having 3 to 12 children in your home (who aren't your children) in a child care like setting on a regular basis requires certification.

So if you want an easy to manage, small business, initially, start with two children in the state of Maine. If you grow from there, look further into getting certified.

Good Luck! In the comments sections, please feel free to ask any questions about operating a daycare (in Maine or any other states).

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